Plus size XXXXL waist traning belt AFT-Y010 fitness belt waist belt for belt pain as seen on tv


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1PCS Freeshipping Elastic waist support waist trainer Belt Slimming underwear waist training neoprene back support belt

Product Description
Lumbo sacral belt  is designed to support and improve back posture, thus treating and managing low back pain caused by the conditions sciatica, a slipped disc, facet syndrome, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease. These conditions are brought on or aggravated by weak core muscles or overuse of the back muscles which lead them to become strained.
Helps keep the lower back in an upright position, reducing strain and pain 
Provides that extra support lower back pain and gets rid of your suffering
provides warmth and compression which can alleviate pain
Instantly Helps improves your posture
Relieve pains and compression for muscle injuries and general lower back dysfunction, injuries to the lubar discs, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction.