as seen on tv touch me please cream nipple breast forms 600 g


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nipple breast form/silicone breast bra Forms



Silicone breast



skin color/transparent/dark



Designs according to customerss needs


Nude bra, strapless, seamless and indivisible bra


1.Self adhesive and self supportive

2.Washable and reusable

3.Front closure for cleavage

4.Easy to apply and remove

5.Bra-shape designed to fit the breast well.

6.Soft, natural, great for under-sweater dress, low-back evening dress or for wedding dress.



Do not use a towel or place the adhesive side against clothing, as the lint will gradually clog the adhesive. If something does get onto the adhesive, carefully pick them up with your fingers; try to avoid the clothing that sheds fibers easily. Do not use bleach or any cleaning solutions. All you need is warm water and soap. Keep sharp objects away from your free bra. Let it dry in nature because the sunshine will damage it.


OEM/ODM are welcomed!

Who are these products for?

1.for people who want dramatic increase in breast size without the high cost and risk of surgery

2.For cross dresser

3.For people who had mastectomy as breast replacement to restore lost curves(depending on the type of surgery you had, these forms may not all patients post mastectomy)

4.For special occasion-wear under costumes, evening dressing, wedding dressing, prom dressing ,etc

5.For men who are acters/performers.


This product is underwear type design, which has detachable shoulder belts, hyperelastic both sides and front closure design. It is convenient to wear and adjust. You can wear it according to the bra wear method, and fasten the front closure at last.

Our mission is supply the high quality silicone product!!!

We are much interested in OEM production!!!!!!And welcome you to afford the sample,we will do it within 15days!


What is CD drag:

CD drag (cross – dress), the so-called "drag" is refers to through clothing and make-up and a series of methods to dress up as the opposite sex, "CD" CD breast abbreviations can be for men is the most common wear fake breasts, can through the CD breast drag to a woman, to feel self release, feel a kind of relaxed and happy,

Use CD drag community investigation:
Now is the 21st century, an open mind, developed economy, drag, drag is a kind of hobby, vent, and a way of pressure release. According to the survey of the abroad, in a week, about 100000 people in 1 million men sometimes to some extent, the women\'s clothing, or 10%. This is a surprising proportion! There are foreign, according to the survey proportion of CD in the general population is approximately 1%. CD in most of the time is conforming to the norms of the society of gender temperament dress appears in public, therefore very concealment, a quarter of the CD from dare not to share this secret with their partners.