As seen on tv Free Shipping ali baba electronic hearing sound amplifier tinnitus masker ear aid hearing aid S-17A for erderly


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       10A1   MY-151   851   S-1881





Blue color for left ear,red color for right ear,this red model


is for the right ear, if you want left ear pls clink







 *Multi-core Digital Bionic Technology

 *4 Memories
 *8 Channels & 12 Bands
 *16KHz Bandwidth Ultimate Compensation
 *128-Band Adaptive Noise Reduction (12dB)
 *Built-in Audiometer
 *Built-in Tinnitus Masker
 *Innovative Open Fitting
 *"Super-quiet" Function
 *iLOG—Personalized Datalogging
 *3rd-Generation Dynamic Feedback Cancellation (DFC)
 *FRONTWAVETM Directionality
 *Hyperfine ADM Adaptive Directional Microphone
 *Tiny in Size, Mighty in Power
 *Wind Noise Manager.
 *Memory Switch Indicator
 *Low Battery Indicator
 *Telecoil Input(optional)
 *Available in: BTE13A, BTE675, BTE OE, RIC, HSE OE, ITC OE, CIC OE Hearing 



            Red is for right ear,  blue is for left ear        


  We can program it according to your audiogram before sending to you












         no battery



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Free Shipping ali baba electronic hearing sound amplifier tinnitus masker ear aid S-17A



1.)The wire plug connected to the headset.Then earplug connector(hard) to the headset, 

earbuds (silica gel) to connect to the headphone connector pedestal 

2.)The battery installation: Gently open the battery compartment cover, put a battery 

into the battery compartment in the right direction, then close the battery compartment .

3.)Before you use this item ,you have to turn the ON OFF switch to Off,and turn the sound 

volume to minimum.

4.)Then put this item on you ear, keep it tightly

5.)Next, turn this item ON, adjust the volume until you hear clear sound




1.)Adjust volume to the minimum before wearing.

2.)Choose an earplug of slightly bigger size to avoid whistler.

3.)Increase volume gradually to avoid sudden increase in sound.

4.)If you hear a howling,check the ear (silica gel) is appropriate and whether the size of 

plug is tight, the appropriate choice of earplugs and plugged, make sure no air leakage. 

5.)Please regularly clean the ear plugs in order to ensure the normal use of hearing aids. 

6.)Use for long periods of time, please remove the batteries to prevent battery rot erosion 

hearing aid components.