As seen on tv Day Night Car Clear Vision Visor Dazzling view just disappeared brand new Hot sell and Free shipping


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As seen on tv Day Night Car Clear Vision Visor Dazzling view just disappeared brand new 2015




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1.Controlled portable: straight down, you can use lenses or night-vision lenses sunglasses lenses;
2.easy installation: is not the traditional design of the elastic band divided into two parts, plans one card on the line, as long as at least 2-3 seconds to Setup is complete;
3.enduring patience: the overall design, the new PC build
4.features remain: retain the original CD mirror function (traditional dual-use mirror after installation, elastic band later blocked the lens, mirror function is not allowed, give beauty of your very strong

The inconvenience:
5.lens care: lens and body was dangling design, more effective protection of the lens and never produced frictions between lens and body collision, allowing you to travel more quiet, keep your lenses to use longer.
Monolithic dual-use eye-Po glar*e proof mirror features:
1 night-vision goggles and sunglasses into two: features larger, easier to use, more space efficient;
2 structural design for integral gear type: anti-shock, more compact;
3 directly on the front of the car on the CD; reduce driver fatigue with glasses;
4 product design and installation, does not affect the use of features such as mirror of the original CD behind the plate;
5 nearsighted car baby: you have already brought the glasses take too glasses, driving at night with night vision goggles, is out of the question, if you are wearing glasses is not too tired
The bar!!!
Japan scientists develop excellent impact resistance of aerospace high-tech night vision lenses made of polycarbonate resin material, has the following characteristics:
1. special anti-glar*e feature, block rate is about 72.5% too strong.
2. the Centre wavelength 585, clarity than conventional lenses more than twice times.
3. UV resistance: 97.4% (and 315nm-380nm) of ultraviolet light.
4. fatigue resistance: to eliminate eye fatigue caused by the harmful rays.
5. impact resistance: 10 times stronger than the ordinary security resin piece times, 60 times stronger than glass, and effectively solves the traditional drivers lens problem of poor impact resistance.
Eye-Po features:
Eye-Po is a new type of intelligent automotive anti-glar*e products, Japan imported lenses are sunglasses, the perfect combination of night-vision goggles; under the sunlight and vehicle lights

And various light filters, credit, as well as blocking light pollution harmful to the eyes, so as to achieve different levels of glar*e, solves the "filter does not block light" the glar*e problem;

Is a new generation of driver-specific lens, clear eye comfort, sleep, effectively eliminating all glar*e and veiling glar*e and harmful UV light on visual stimulation to eliminate road "snow blindness"

To prevent Vertigo, reduce eyestrain; at night, passing to each other when the glar*e of the headlights light down to soft, comfortable level, effectively ensure the safety of driving under the bright lights

"Eye-Bao" to benefit drivers?
1, the "eye-Bao" can substitute for the sun-glasses or sunglasses, because it has good anti-glar*e filter effects, sunlight, pavement can be reflective, body and other clutter effectively
Filter, while eliminating UV rays and other harmful light, and various light; the soft comfortable visual environment, protecting vision health.
2, during the night while passing to each other to minimize the headlight glar*e of a soft, comfortable level, avoiding strong light stimulation of the eyes to prevent glar*e and enhance driving safety.
3, can effectively prevent roads "snow blindness", reducing eye strain.
4, can cling to in the twilight days of fog and dark time for credit, and increase the resolution.
5, "eye-Po" hamper the driver's line of sight?
A: No. Because the lights behind the car around by cars and glass and retaining the reflection and refraction of the glass of the window, enter the compartment light is not strong, are generally not in nursing
Treasure eye lenses cause a reflection on; but there will be some influx caused by reflection in a particular direction coincidence, just by tweaking the lens forward or backward so that reflected light

Off course.
1) do not use hands to touch anti-glar*e film, so as not to leave any fingerprints of obstructive;
2) when installing, gently push the anti-glar*e film edges;
3) long gently with a soft little brush to remove the dust, or blowing up balloons to blow dust off;
4) do not use a rough, dirty cloth, products with a flannel, cleaning can be made using.