As Seen On TV Bluetooth Wristband Pulsometros Fitness Activity Tracker Wearable Devices Pulseira Inteligente Calorie Counting


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As Seen On TV Bluetooth Wristband Pulsometros Fitness Activity Tracker Wearable Devices Pulseira Inteligente Calorie Counting

There are Three types of smart wearable devices:

W5 is the newest kind band which is a smart fitness wristband take care your active and sleep more carefully ,make you understand daily energy consumption and health status.(No bluetooth ,connect to computer for data storage)

Smart Band which is monitoring the health and energy consumption, you just need install a APP APK in your smart phone or tablets to download and synchronize health data

More amazing features all in one with W5.

Package included

1 x Smart Bracelet

1 x USB Charger

1 x English User Manual

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